frozen drink dispenser, garnitoreICY: Cold coffee and chocolate creams maker

Icy is the frozen drink dispenser to create cold coffee and chocolate creams in the best way possible.
Quick and easy to use, it's the prime tool to prepare, maintain and serve the amazing Magica Creams. Ideally for café bar and cafeterias, for all seasons

coffee cream, γρανίτα εσπρέσσο καφέ choco cream, γρανίτα σοκολάτας milk cream, γρανίτα βανίλιας

Cold coffee cream

Cold chocolate cream

Cold milk cream

Ice Cream maker, to enjoy the real italian ice cream!

ice cream maker, μηχανή παγωτούEnrich and decorate your Soft ice cream with Magica Top, our delicious toppings! !
Create new recipes with chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, strawberry, sour black cherry or wild berries sauces. Yummy also with fresh fruit . or with your custom creation!
Magica Cream recipes & the compact Ice Cream maker: just two tools to prepare the best Italian Soft ice cream! Make, maintain and serve perfectly the best Soft ice cream with our Ice Cream maker: a new technology machine, compact, quick and easy to use - the ideal means for cafeterias & café bar.

New fresh & soft treats in the most popular flavours - ideal at any time!

choco ice cream, παγωτό σοκολάτας vanilla ice cream, παγωτό βανίλιας

Soft & creamy chocolate ice cream

Delightful & soft vanilla ice cream

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