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BLU CAFFE in collaboration with Eureka - and extensive experience - is producing a series of grinders espresso coffee machines for household and professional use. All the Blu Grinders / EUREKA are constructed with the philosophy of reliability and high quality at the right price.
The Eureka was founded in 1920 in Italy and produces coffee grinders. EUREKA name has become synonymous with quality construction, design and convenience.
Their goal is to integrate the latest technology, using the highest quality materials with extensive experience in the production coffee grinders.
Each Blu Grinder / EUREKA is planned to ensure the highest standards in manufacturing, performance and durability , combining 90 years experience in the industry with the finest materials.

Eureka micrometric, grinder coffee Micrometric: Experience and research , has produced a patented micrometric system, which allows perfect adjustment with a simple turn of a switch.


Eureka outboard , grinder coffeeOutboard dose adjustment - easy to dose adjustment without touching the coffee The telescopic device is designed to always give you a fixed amount of ground coffee. A minimum dose of 5 gr. up to 9 gr. with a simple rotation.


Eureka dynamometric, grinder coffeeDynamometric Tamper - same coffee every time!
All professional grinders can be upgraded with an additional telescopic device designed to help the coffee get the same pressure every time. The telescoping pressure coffee machine is designed to give the required pressure (20 kg) in coffee. The telescopic device is standard in the series Mondial. Mythos grinder also comes with a Dynamometric up to 25kg

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