hot chocolate machine, μηχανή παρασκευής ζεστής σοκολάτας
hot chocolate machine, μηχανή παρασκευής ζεστής σοκολάτας

JOY chocolate machine, white below and gold above

JOY - Hot chocolate maker

Quick and easy Magica Ciok. Prepare it using an espresso steam machine or our Hot Chocolate Maker: quick and easy, perfect for preparing and storing 5 litres of hot chocolate Magica Ciok (approx. 32 cups).

How to prepare Magica Ciok with the Hot Chocolate Maker

In a bowl, blend 150g of Magica Ciok (10 table spoons) for each litre of milk, blend and pour into the Hot Chocolate Maker. Bring the Hot Chocolate Maker to a temperature of 90° C for 40/45' then lower to 65° C.

For a dense Italian-style hot chocolate use 200g of Magica Ciok (13 spoon tables) for each litre of milk.

hot chocolate

Any hot chocolate remaining in the Hot Chocolate Maker at the end of the day can be stored overnight in the Hot Chocolate Maker at a temperature of 65° C and served the following day.
Quick and easy to use, Joy benefits the new and revolutionary technology of the hot chocolate makers: the chocolate is heated by a very slight air compartment which brings it to high temperatures through a fast but indirect and delicate way, for a perfect thickening of the product.
JOY, our chocolate machine, is available in white, silver and gold.

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