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Passion and experience, combined with the high quality mix is the secret of success of BLU CAFFE. For espresso makers, decaffeinated, coffee beans.
BLU CAFFE offers a wide variety of espresso coffee beans 1 kg 100% Arabica and single origins 250 gr, made to satisfy any professionalist barista, such in restaurant, coffee bar, up to the hotel, allowing for a unique pleasure of italian espresso coffee.

  Single Origins
  Beans 1 kg

Professional espresso coffee machines and grinders.

blu caffe Kάψουλες συμβατές με τις μηχανές Nespresso®  Single Origins single origin espresso cofffee, single origins

Higher quality Arabica single origin coffees from specific farms which reveal the individual flavors of coffee producing country. The coffee from a single geographic location called Single Origin. The composition of the soil, the climate, cultivation methods, harvesting and storage, sorts them in coffees with unique flavor characteristic profile.

A unique dining experience unparalleled discovery of flavors and surprising flavors. A real journey through different countries, where the climate, people and smells compose a unique effect!

Taste it and travel!

single origin espresso cofffee  6 different single origins coffees from 6 different countries.

  Locations: Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Malawi

  Content: Coffee beans Single Origins 100% Arabica 250 g.

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PERU 250g single origins, 100% arabica 100% Arabica Coffee single origin coffee.. Average aromatic and average sweet coffee from Peru. It has got hazelnut and citrus scents

Mzuzu Special
Mzuzu Special MALAWI single origins, 100% arabica 100% Arabica Coffee single origin coffee. It is very particular with an own main characteristic: an inconfondible honey and rose aftertaste. It comes from African tropical area in front of Madagascar.

Armenia Medellin Supremo
Armenia Medellin Supremo COLOMBIA single origins, 100% arabica 100% Arabica Coffee single origin coffee. It is a sweet and scented coffee. It is considered one of the most precious South America's Coffees. It is harvested onto Colombia's highlands.

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Antigua Pastores
Antigua Pastores GUATEMALA 250g, single origins, 100% arabica 100% Guatemala's Arabica Coffee single origin coffee. It has got a particular scent. Most of Gourmets defines it as marvelous and rare coffee. It is one of the best type of coffee you can find all over the world.

COSTA RICA single origins, 100% arabica 100% Arabica Coffee single origin coffee with fruity and citrus fragrance. It is a very sweet and fruity. Harvested in Costa Rica into selected plantations.

ETHIOPIA  single origins, 100% arabica 100% Arabica Coffee single origin coffee , coming from Ethiopia. It is very sweet and fruity. It spontaneously grows close to banana's trees and for this reason its flavor is unique.


Espresso coffee beans 1 kg

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Premium εσπρέσο καφέ, espresso coffeeThe perfect sweet blend! Made of fine coffees 100% Arabica. In the very first sip of coffee, soft taste of Blu Premium will offer you an amazing and pleasant experience and will welcome you with its distinctive flavor of a traditional italian espresso coffee. And even more will be amazed with the incredible sense of taste of authentic Italian espresso coffee retained much ...
But too much time later.

Forte caffe espresso  εσπρέσο καφέ, espresso coffeeAdding a small amount of selected 30% robusta coffee flavoring and sweet varieties of 70% arabica we use Forte to give power to this mix of coffee, without affecting the aroma and taste of course.

Miscela Super espresso coffee beens, κόκκοι εσπρέσο καφέ 90% Arabica και 10% RobustaAdding a small amount of selected 10% Robusta coffee flavoring and sweet varieties of 90% Arabica we use Super Miscela to give power to this mix of coffee, without affecting the aroma and taste of course.

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Arabica Preziozo E caffe  εσπρέσο καφέ, espresso coffeeMade from varieties of 100% Arabica coffee, less roasted so as to surprise you pleasantly. It has a little more flavor and body from the PREMIUM
and a very rich flavor.

Intenso εσπρέσο καφέ, espresso coffeeINTENSO is a blend of South American Arabica and Indian Robusta, characterised by a rich aroma thanks to the higher content of Arabica but yet very lively through the addition of Robusta, that ensures a round body and a more distinct tone and personality. This coffee with a full and velvety taste is ideal in the morning and after meals.

DELICATO Decaffeine
Delicato εσπρέσο καφέ, espresso coffeeDELICATO is a caffeine-free espresso coffee prepared from a blend of Arabica and Robusta characterised by a fine yet gentle taste and a delicate aroma that assures the same full taste as a normal coffee with caffeine. Can be enjoyed at any time since caffeine content is no more than 0.10%.

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