New icy pleasure, original talian soft Ice Creams!

magica creamsoft ice creamMagica Creams - Cold Coffee, Cold Chocolate and the new Cold Milk Creams - are the ideal break through the day: a moment to savor in a new and cool way the aroma of the Italian coffee, the velvety pleasure of the chocolate, the richness of the plain milk cream.
Magica Creams Soft Ice Cream is the ideal soluti on to serve in your Cafe bar a fresh and creamy ice cream. The right choice to prepare easily and quickly a great ice cream, even in cafeterias! Full taste and quality of the best Italian tradition ready in few moves.
Make, maintain and serve perfectly the best Soft ice cream with our Icy (frozen drink dispenser) & Ice Cream maker

Cafeccino - Gelato
Cold coffee cream
cold coffee cream, παγωμένη κρέμα καφέThe aroma of the italian coffee and the smoothy pleasure of milk in a delicious cream, cool, fresh and easy to preapare!
Try the fresh delights of our cold coffee cream with a twist!
Taste it with a more intense and enjoyable coffee flavor adding 8/10 cups of espresso when making the recipe.

Chococcino - Gelato
Cold chocolate cream
cold chocolate cream, παγωμένη κρέμα σοκολάταςThe pleasure of chocolate in a delicious cold cream: cool, refreshing and easy to prepare. The ideal treat during the day!
Try the fresh delights of our cold chocolate cream with a twist!

Iceccino - Gelato
Cold milk cream
cold milk cream, παγωμένη κρέμα γάλακτοςNow Magica Cream is also a delicious Cold milk cream, a fresh treat of plain milk & vanilla. Sweet and creamy if natural, it is even more delightful in yummy combinations: with our hot chocolate Magica Ciok, with chocolate or coffee creams, added to a coffee or to a cup of fresh fruit.
A sweet, fresh and versatile cream, ideal for creating luscious mixes and new creative recipe!

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