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BLU CAFFE offers an exclusive range of chocolate drinks with a key component of the seeds cocoa tree. Characterized by velvety texture, rich flavor and aroma.
The Maya are the first people who used the cocoa for making such a beverage, ground cocoa beans, which they attributed healing properties.
Current studies have found that psycho stimulants and antidepressant properties of chocolate because of phenyl ethylamine, which contains the amino acid tryptophan, which raises levels serotonins, which makes our mood.

BLU CAFFE ofers 2 types of packs, capsules and bags

Cocoa drink in capsule

cocoa drink, E' Ciok, capsule

E' Ciok: Delicious cocoa drink to be drunk on its own. The ideal quantity to use is 80-90 ml. For a richer drink we recommend you add an E'Milky pod.
Reccomended only for Blu/Cafitally system machines
Package:: 10 capsules Χ 15 g

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Magica Ciok: The true hot chocolate from the original Italian tradition

cocoa, κακάο, σοκολάταcacaoThe Magica Ciok chocolate is the result of 25 years of experience in the sector of raw material, a authentic Italian recipe of 40 years, a passion that is distinguished by a Italian pleasure and friendly and professional team. Only the best cocoa is used to ensure that every cup of Magica Ciok maintains its natural taste.
Each cup of Magica Ciok reveals the magic of genuine hot chocolate, prepared exclusively with the precious Super Red Cocoa seeds to ensure that every sip maintains the natural taste of the food of the gods.

Magica Ciok eight flavors full of pleasure

Eight flavors full of pleasure, starting from the CLASSICA pure taste of cocoa, white chocolate BIANCA, black and bitter FONDENTE, the NOCCIOLA caramel, hazelnut AMARETTO to the gentle melodic and sensual almond flavor, the RUM with the provocative and bold taste of rum , ARANCIA the flavor of orange and finally MENTA mint flavor.
JOY - hot chocolate maker, quick and easy Magica Ciok, the ideal means for cafeterias & café bar & hotels.

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Magica Ciok Classic is an Italian-style hot chocolate prepared using an original recipe handed down for more than forty years. Only the best cocoa is used to ensure that every cup of Magica Ciok maintains its natural taste.

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