KING's TEA, τσάι white tea leavesTea is one of the oldest drink in the world, born in China over 5,000 years ago. Initially drunk as a healing beverage, during the centuries tea was drunken for its pleasant and refreshing aroma. It was brought as a gift to emperors, used as exchange goods and served as an exclusive beverage. Its ancient ceremony lives unaltered today, thanks to King's Tea fine selections: white, green, black and scented tea leaves perfect to be tasted at any time. Five refined blends ideal to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of this ancient beverage.
King's tea is a products's exclusive line of tea that represents the biggest attention of BLU CAFFE in the choice of tea. A unique experience of sense that brings in the brain, pictures from those distant countries that produce tea. All the products have duration 36 months and disposed in following flavours:

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King's Tea, natural leaves

PAI MU TAN IMPERIAL White teaPAI MU TAN Imperial tea άσπρο τσάι σε φύλλαRare white tea of the Chinese Fujian province, made of new leaves as well as the centre needle sprout. Its brew has a shimmering clear colour, its delicate fragrance is like a fresh and velvety zest.
Tasting: after meals or as a light afternoon tea without milk or sugar.
Package: 100 gr.

PU ERH BOPF Black TeaPU ERH BOPF tea μαύρο τσάι From the Yunnan province of China, a fine black tea renowned for its sublime taste and perfume, smoothy and perfectly balanced: a strong, fine aroma, ideal also during meals.
Tasting: perfect at any time, also during meals.
Package: 100 gr.

YUNNAN BLACK Black TeaYUNNAN BLACK tea, τσάι μαύρο One of the best black Chinese tea, grown in the Chinese region of Yunnan from 1000 to 2500 mt from 1700 years. It is made of golden buds that when brewed, exhale such intense and elegant flavours which make it unique.
Tasting: enjoyable at breakfast or in the afternoon also with milk.
Package: 100 gr.

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GUN POWDER Green TeaGun Powder, τσάι πράσινο The most drunken green Chinese tea borrows its name from the similarity to military gunpowder: its leaves are rolled into the shape of little pellets and crackle when brewed. Its infusion of a green and copper shade has a refreshing and energizing taste.
Tasting: plain, during afternoon or evening, or as an ice tea with lemon and sugar. It also mixes well with sugar and peppermint to create the popular 'Moroccan Mint' tea.
Package: 100 gr.

JASMINE Scented TeaJasmine tea, τσάι γιασεμιούFamous scented tea from the Fujian province of China, Jasmine tea is a delicate blending of jasmine flowers with green, oolong and black tea. A refreshing and sublime taste of well-made tea varieties. Perfect during the evening sweetened with sugar crystals.
Tasting: refreshing tea perfect during the day or evening, also enjoying spicy foods.
Package: 100 gr.



tea with natural peach flavors
tea with natural lemon flavors

Tea in bags with peach or lemon flavour

BLU TEA: Tea in bags, soluble in hot or cold water with flavour of peach or lemon. Ideal for cold tea. Recommended dose: 1 Kg. for 10-11 lit of cold or hot water.
Package: 1 kg.

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